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May 23-2016

“Gentleman, suit suits you well”

A man will always be judged by this appearance. In the first 3 seconds of a meeting, a man is judged and next 90 seconds are spent to confirm the impressions that was grasped from his appearance in the first 3 seconds. Individuals are rated as successful, confident, flexible in a tailored made suit and this shows how important it is for a man to dress up appropriately and professionally. Clothing not only transforms an individual’s state of mind but also improves self-discipline and boasts confidence. Clothing reflects personality, character, mood, style, productivity, creativity and an individual is all senses.

With this concept, Phamb is creating a new world for men, providing customized pashmina suits, which is first of its kind from Kashmir to the whole world. Being the torch bearers, Phamb is viable to induce a new trend into the man’s world of suiting and take it up to the mark it has set of itself and will continuously move ahead to reach its efficiency frontier.



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